Holau Vanuatu

Holau Vanuatu is a voyage of reunion, between families, island communities, and a region that has long been separated by colonial borders.  By renewing communications with each other each of the islands becomes part of a safety system for which ever islanders need help.  Each island has something that the other islands don’t.  They need to be able to share and trade again.  They want to see family members they have not seen for over 70 years.

A crew from the Duffs Group, Solomon Islands, will sail a Te Puke voyaging canoe to Sola, Vanualava Island, in northern Vanuatu just as soon as the special Te Palapu wind comes, in November 2016.   There will be 7 crew members, 2 women and 6 men.  Chief Jonas Hollani will lead and navigate using the ancient Polynesian wind positioning system “Te Nohoanga Te Matangi”   With the wind coming from behind the canoe there may be two people steering at one time.  The voyage could take from 3 to 4 days if the wind is good.  If they stop at any island then they will have to wait for another Te Palapu wind.  So they aim to sail straight to Sola with no stops.