Current Initiatives

We’re hard at work on:

  1. a new documentary film, We, the Voyagers, and fundraising for the hard costs of completing that film in 2016.
  2. building a full size Te Puke so as to extend the inter-island range for training voyages and so that 8-9 student crew members can participate (in addition to the 4-5 crew that can sail on the existing Te Alo Lili canoe).  This includes fundraising for workers’ rations and school fees for workers’ children so that they can continue to work on the canoe. Construction of the Te Puke is underway and will take 18 more months to complete once funding is realized.
  3. fundraising to buy materials to build a urgently needed canoe house – to shelter the two canoes (one under construction), to accommodate Lata Navigation School students and visitors, and to for a safe archive of books, video, cultural materials, and solar lighting.
  4. planning and fundraising for Holau Vanuatu, a voyage from Temotu Province, Solomon Islands to Vanuatu on traditional Te Puke and Te Alo Lili voyaging canoes in 2015.
  5. completion and publishing of Sailing with Lata, a book to tell the story of the Vaka Taumako Project and explain the new wealth of voyaging knowledge we’ve learned along the way.  Fundraising for completion of diagrams and supplementary video sequences to be included with the book, as well as writeup time for the authors, and for expert work  in web publishing and distribution.

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More details to come, so please stay tuned.