From the Archives: The Return of Lata

In answer to recent requests, here is a scan of the 1999 Sailing New Zealand article “The Return of Lata: An Authentic Polynesian Voyaging Canoe Sails Again,” by Dr. Mimi George with Paramount Chief Koloso K. Kaveia of Taumako.  The second half of the article is a brief statement of the 30 Steps to Build …

Gli Gli Voyage – Traditional Caribbean Canoes

by Mimi George and Aragorn Dick-Read In 1995 a 35 foot long Carib fishing canoe made in Dominica Island. The tree that became Gli Gli grew on the 4000 acre parcel of remote Atlantic coast that is home for Carib (Kalinago) people.

Women in Cuba

by Mimi George and Catherine Downey When we think of the Cuban Revolution it is Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and the men who fought the Baptista Regime of totalitarianism. Little is mentioned of the roll of women. While on the bus to the western mountains of Cuba, we asked our guide “Can you speak …

Learning About Cuba and Resilience with Hokule’a

by Mimi George As a child I watched news of the Cuban revolution on TV. I hid under school desks in case of nuclear attack. I wondered how the lives of Cuban people were impacted by our USA blockades and embargo. More recently I questioned whether Cubans have done better than us in Malama Honua …

Help Sail to Vanuatu this November

Aloha Tatou, The Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands is preparing for a voyage from Taumako to Vanuatu in November, 2016.  The aim of this voyage is to reunite the families who have been separated for over 70 years by a closed border.