Meph’s Report from Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

by Meph Wyeth Mimi and Meph spent most of November in Solomons and, in Meph’s case, northern Vanuatu. They hoped to participate in Holau Vanuatu, a voyage from Taumako to Vanua Lava in the Banks Islands. Traditionally vaka would sail this route during November. riding the Patapu (northerly) wind, and waiting out the cyclone season …

Help Sail to Vanuatu this November

Aloha Tatou, The Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands is preparing for a voyage from Taumako to Vanuatu in November, 2016.  The aim of this voyage is to reunite the families who have been separated for over 70 years by a closed border. 

The Children of Taumako

We now have a translation of the research report of social anthropologist and round-the-world sailor, Renate Westner, MA.  She came to Taumako in 2007 to study the educational and life experience of children.

A Letter from Jasper

Dear Mimi, I apologize for writing you so late, but I need to thank you for taking me on the trip with you. Ever since my mom went with you in 2005 I’ve wanted to go to the Solomon Islands.

Canoe Sailing in the Solomon Islands

You haven’t seen me on the river since the end of August. The reason is that I’ve been on Taumako, a remote island in the Solomon Islands, learning about voyaging canoes, their construction, operation, and systems of non-instrument navigation. I’ve just returned to Ohio for a few months before going back to Taumako to continue …