Women Can Train to Bring Support for Voyaging at Taumako

Three women who have been working to help build the new Te Puke voyaging canoe at Taumako, are volunteering to go to Reef Islands to take a training in Virgin Coconut Oil production. 

Help Sail to Vanuatu this November

Aloha Tatou, The Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands is preparing for a voyage from Taumako to Vanuatu in November, 2016.  The aim of this voyage is to reunite the families who have been separated for over 70 years by a closed border. 

Two Vaka o Lata, and the Rush to Complete a Te Puke

Cyclone Pam hit the island of Nifiloli hard. Community members retreated into the interior or fled to the somewhat higher island of Fenualoa. We are still learning more about what the damages were and what needs to be done now. Read More The Peter Taea and Dixon Wia families, who were caring for the Taumako-built …