Ancient Searoads and Commitments to Sustainability in Eastern Polynesia

by Mimi George Part One: Malama Honua, Gershon II and Rapanui I am a cultural anthropologist and sailor, focused on voyaging traditions. I study how ancient knowledge can help us today. I just crewed on the escort boat to the voyaging canoe (wa’a) Hokule’a during the penultimate leg of her Malama Honua (Care for the …

Two Oceans or One? Hokule’a at the SW Capes of Africa

The aim of the Malama Honua World-Wide voyage is to sail a thread of connection round the world and share stories of hope that will help us all Malama Honua – care for each other and our planet.

The View From Behind

Hokule’a and Gershon II Rounding the Cape of Good Hope by Mimi George