How does Lata’s sail work?

VTP’s Mimi George just had an article published in the Journal of the Polynesian Society, about measuring performance of an ancient Polynesian Sail – Te Laa o Lata. Read Mimi’s article here. Aloha!  

Ancient Searoads and Commitments to Sustainability in Eastern Polynesia

by Mimi George Part One: Malama Honua, Gershon II and Rapanui I am a cultural anthropologist and sailor, focused on voyaging traditions. I study how ancient knowledge can help us today. I just crewed on the escort boat to the voyaging canoe (wa’a) Hokule’a during the penultimate leg of her Malama Honua (Care for the …

Holau Vanuatu, Eruptions, and the Next Voyages

In 2005, ninety-six year old Paramount Chief Koloso Kaveia announced his plan to sail (holau) to Vanuatu on a TePuke. He had taught his students how to make short voyages. Now he wanted them to know what they would find if they went further. Kaveia’s family objected to the idea for a couple years, because …

Holau Vanuatu – Voyage to Vanuatu

Aims: Voyagers of Taumako, SE Solomon Islands will sail their ancient vessel to North Vanuatu because they want to: re-connect long separated families and communities re-open the ancient sea-roads of Austronesian and Polynesian voyagers renew trade and cultural sharing demonstrate ancient navigation methods and sustainable environmental practices document the voyage, and publish in print, web, …

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We’re raising funds to help Taumako videographer Dixon Wia, who’s busy documenting the Polynesian voyaging traditions of his ancestors, in hopes of keeping them alive for new generations.   Dixon needs training and equipment to tell the story of his ancestors and keep ancient voyaging traditions from being lost.   Check us out our Kickstarter here. …

Summit of Voyagers in Honolulu

Mimi and Meph helped welcome Hokule`a home on 17 June, and then exhibited at the Convention Center conference on ocean voyaging 18-20 June.

Tepuke from Taumako arrives in Santa Cruz

LUOVA, TEMOTU PROVINCE: For the first time in over thirty years, a Taumako voyaging canoe arrived at Santa Cruz Island’s northwestern tip on Sunday, June 4.