Mission Statement

The Vaka Taumako Project aims to perpetuate ancient Polynesian seafaring knowledge and practice by training a new generation of Taumako youth to build, sail, and navigate using the ancient methods, materials, and tools used by their ancestors, and by research, documentation, and dissemination of this knowledge.

Our Goals

  1. Build and navigate voyaging canoes using ancient Polynesian methods and materials.
  2. Teach voyaging skills and values by voyaging to other islands.
  3. Establish the Lata Navigation School on Taumako.
  4. Document, publish, and disseminate information about the knowledge, including books, videos, multi-media products and displays, and an archive
  5. Make cultural exchange programs and alliances which promote awareness and revival of authentic Polynesian voyaging  
  6. Protect the rights of intellectual property and intangible heritage of Taumako people
  7. Ensure that all programs benefit Taumako members of the VTP and Taumako community
  8. Plan and act sustainably and with care for the environment
  9. Establish the “Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands” (VTPSI) as an organization capable of eventually assuming local control of all VTP endeavors
  10. Establish sustainable funding for VTPSI programs, including eventual practical commercial use of VTP vessels

VTP’s goals were set by the late Kruso Kaveia and his partners between 1993-1996