Vaka Taumako Project at UC Irvine

Dr Mimi George of the Vaka Taumako Project will give the keynote presentation “Lata’s Wayfinding System and Climate Science” followed by Q&A October 18 at 7:30PM in Room 1030 of the Humanities Gateway at UC Irvine.

Then, at 8:30PM in the at McCormack Film Screening Room, join us for We, the Voyagers: Matou Nga Mokupuna o Lata, a sneak preview of the first of Vaka Taumako Project’s documentary series, followed by Q&A.

Join us October 18 – 19 at UC Irvine. More information, including voyaging project and climate science participants, the schedule of presentations, location and registration info can be found here. It’s free!

Ocean of Knowledge Poster

Ocean of Knowledge Poster

te puke crew sailing in the outer reef islands

Holau Vanuatu – Voyage to Vanuatu


Voyagers of Taumako, SE Solomon Islands will sail their ancient vessel to North Vanuatu because they want to:

  • re-connect long separated families and communities
  • re-open the ancient sea-roads of Austronesian and Polynesian voyagers
  • renew trade and cultural sharing
  • demonstrate ancient navigation methods and sustainable environmental practices
  • document the voyage, and publish in print, web, and video dvd products.


Starting November 1st the crew will stand by for the right wind, to sail from western Ndeni (Santa Cruz Island) to Vanualava Island. The voyage should take between 2 and 4 days, depending on the wind.

Urgent Need:

  • We are seeking a support vessel to escort TePuke from Sta Cruz to Vanualava, then transport 6 crew back to Santa Cruz.

Summit of Voyagers in Honolulu

Mimi and Meph helped welcome Hokule`a home on 17 June, and then exhibited at the Convention Center conference on ocean voyaging 18-20 June. Read more

WCC Presentation 2016

VTP at the World Conservation Congress

A few fresh pics of Drs. Salopuka and George presenting at the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawai’i.  Dr. Salopuka’s presentation was “We are the crew of Lata: Moana Is Our Home”

Doc Simon at WCC

Dr Salopuka talks about the jobs that all the crew of Lata do to build and sail.


Doc Simon presenting at the conference

Sailing With Lata/Laka: Presentation at East West Center

Come See how Ancient Polynesian Voyaging is still practiced today.  Drs. Simon Salopuka and Mimi George of the Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands present from 12 noon to 1PM, Sept 8. Everyone welcome! limited seating, pay parking available on UH campus, sponsored by East-West Center Pacific Islands Development Program & UH Manoa Center for Pacific Island Studies. Read more


Growing Lata’s Garden

Highlights from Meph and Mimi’s Presentation at Kaua’i Community College 13 October, 2015

Read more

Talking Story: Growing Lata’s Garden

Friends in Kauai, Join us October 13th at the Kauai Community College cafeteria for a presentation and Q&A by H.M. Wyeth and Dr. Mimi George.  We’ll be discussing how canoe plants are useful and sustainable today.  Presentation begins at 5:30 PM.  Hope to see you there!

VTP Presenting at the East West Center

Friends in Honolulu, please join us on Wednesday, November 12 at noon at the East West Center at the University of Hawaii for a presentation about Polynesian voyaging in the Solomon Islands.  Drs. Marianne “Mimi” George and Simon Salopuka will be presenting.  Hope to see you there!


VTP talks sustainability at Fiji Talanoa

by H. Meph Wyeth

From 14-18 July, the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, hosted a combined conference on climate change and sustainable sea transport. Read more

Vaka Taumako Project registered in Solomon Islands

The Vaka Taumako Project’s Solomon Islands wing is now up and running.  We are now officially registered as a charitable organization in the Solomon Islands as the Vaka Taumako Project of Solomon Islands (VTPSI), also known locally as “Valo Group.”

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