Cause for Celebration: Open House in Taumako

from Pacific Paddler Magazine, June 2002 – by Meph Wyeth

Dateline: Duff Islands, Temoto Province, eastern Solomon Islands.

Sunday 24 March was a red letter day for the people of Taumako, Duff Islands: The official opening of the new community Hale Vaka (canoe house). Read more

The Art and Craft of a Polynesian Voyaging Canoe

from Pacific Arts Magazine, May 2000
by Heu’ionalani Meph Wyeth

On the tiny island of Taumako (fig. 1) in the Solomon Islands’ eastern province of Temotu live some 500 Polynesians who may be the only people in the Pacific still capable of building and sailing traditional voyaging canoes in completely traditional ways. Read more

The First Te Puke

How Lata built the first voyaging canoe

as told by Paramount Chief Kruso Kaveia for Sailing New Zealand Magazine, July 1999 Read more

Return of the Te Puke

from Solomons, inflight magazine of Solomon Airlines, June 1998, Issue #25, page 34
by Meph Wyeth

Thank God for your safe arrival here… Tears streamed as we sang the traditional song of welcome. It was September 12, 1997, the day everyone had been waiting for. It had been a long wait. Read more

The Return of Lata: Building an Authentic Polynesian Voyaging Canoe

by Mimi George, Ph.D. for Sea History Magazine, Spring 1998 How were stone-age Polynesian craft built and how did they perform at sea?  What motivated Polynesians to voyage, and how did they find their way.   Until Paramount Chief Kruso Kaveia of Taumako, a Polynesian island in the southeast Solomons, asked me to help his people document […]