The Vaka Taumako Project would like to extend our wholehearted gratitude to those individuals and organizations,
whose generous contributions, whether financial, physical, or spiritual, which have made our work possible.

Terry and June Causey
Kimo Campbell Pohaku Fund
Glenn and Jane Goldsmith
The National Science Foundation
Dr. Larry & Chantay Sherrer
Wyeth/Ford/Neiumeier Ohana
Ka’imi Na ’Auao o Hawaii Nei
Jim and Roselle Bailey
The late Larry Williamson & family
Outer Voices – Stephanie Guyer-Stephens
Daniel Jackson
Steve and Cheryl Kornberg
Renate Westner and family
The Temotu Provincial Government
Ministry of Education, Solomon Isles
Valo Group of Duff Islands
Tetoli School of Duff Islands
Ben and Gwynn Hepworth
The late Te Aliki Koloso Kahia Kaveia
Te Aliki Jonas Holland
Te Aliki Fox Boda
Te Aliki Moses Memuana
Dr. Simon Salopuka
Captain Luke Vaikawi
Hon. Stanley Tehiahua
Peter Taea & Family
Ezekiel Dei & Family
The late Jocelyn Sale & Family
The late Joanne Hahala & Family
The late Emily & of Nukapu
Geoffrey Cooper & Family
and the Vaeakau people of Duff, Santa Cruz, & Reef Islands

From all of us at the Vaka Taumako Project,


Thank You!

Tenk Yu Tumas!

Oli Efa!