Welcome to the Vaka Taumako Project

Supporting the practice of ancient Polynesian voyaging knowledge!

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We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka” and “We, the Voyagers:Our Moana” are now available online!

For special free access and low-bandwidth versions, click here.

Every contribution helps, no matter how small. Taumako Voyaging School teaches reliance in ancient voyaging knowledge and wisdom.
This project is not a revival, it is a perpetuation of practices that have voyagers developed over thousands of years.

weighting down the panels
A small Taumakan training vaka
15 Moai resurrected at Ahu Tongariki
te puke crew sailing in the outer reef islands
Dixon Wia filming in 2013
Lata's Children - Hana Hou Magazine
Tepuke under sail near Tinakula Island
Heritage Expeditions
Ambrose pulls halyard to secure windward boom to mast.
Heritage Expeditions
island sun - october 2016
The Island Sunof The Island Sun paper
WCC Presentation 2016
A small Taumakan training vaka
Hokule'a in Havana Bay
Solomon Islands map painting
The view from Pinnacle Cave 13B - our ancestral abode on the opposite side of the world
Gershon II from Hokule’a
Kahula Village after the Cyclone