Welcome to the Vaka Taumako Project

Supporting the practice of ancient Polynesian voyaging knowledge!

Every contribution helps, no matter how small. Taumako Voyaging School teaches reliance in ancient voyaging knowledge and wisdom.
This project is not a revival, it is a perpetuation of practices that have voyagers developed over thousands of years.

weighting down the panels
A small Taumakan training vaka
15 Moai resurrected at Ahu Tongariki
te puke crew sailing in the outer reef islands
Dixon Wia filming in 2013
Lata's Children - Hana Hou Magazine
Tepuke under sail near Tinakula Island
Heritage Expeditions
Ambrose pulls halyard to secure windward boom to mast.
Heritage Expeditions
island sun - october 2016
The Island Sunof The Island Sun paper
WCC Presentation 2016
A small Taumakan training vaka
Hokule'a in Havana Bay
Solomon Islands map painting
The view from Pinnacle Cave 13B - our ancestral abode on the opposite side of the world
Gershon II from Hokule’a
Kahula Village after the Cyclone